Since 1977, the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (MassBike) has promoted a bicycle-friendly environment and encourages bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation. Today, with MassBike’s support, we have nearly 150 miles of rail-trails. We have MassDOT integrating bicycles into all of their plans. We have bike share in MetroBoston. We have mayors calling for more bicycle accommodation. We have Safe Routes to School in 70 percent of the schools.

According to a recent email from Executive Director Richard Fries, this year MassBike has:

  • Returned from the National Bike Summit in Washington DC, where transportation specialists scoured through the newly passed FAST Act, a long awaited five-year transportation bill passed with bi-partisan support, and learned of all the ways bike funding was preserved and how federal policy continued to support MORE bike accommodation.
  • Recently intervened in Carlisle after hundreds of cyclists were pulled over by a single part-time police officer on a weekend, turning what could have been a confrontation into a teachable moment for that officer.
  • Worked with MassDOT and the cities of Agawam and West Springfield to help alter a bridge design to include a protected bikeway.
  • Organized testimony at the Joint Transportation Committee on Beacon Hill to support passage of several measures, including a law to finally get us a three-foot passing rule to protect cyclists.

MassBike represents over 3600 cyclists across the state who see bicycling as a solution for the traffic, health and environmental challenges we face in our community – but they can’t do it alone. MassBike depends on bicyclists like you and me to continue their work making bicycling a healthy and more sustainable means of transportation and recreation.

To find out more, or to become a member, visit or visit the Velo Studio and pick up a MassBike membership (including water bottle and other gifts).