Our kids received a “fat” surprise this Christmas when we gave them each a fat bike from Framed, as well as news that we would be taking a fat bike vacation in February (more on that later).

For our son, the Minnesota 2.0 he’s been riding during every visit to the Studio; and for our daughter, a Wolftrax Alloy Compact 1×10 24″x4.0. For our first ride, my wife packed up the bikes – three of the fat bikes fit comfortably on my wife’s Yakima 5-bike, hitch mount rack (available at the Velo Studio) – and met me at Farm Pond Park in Framingham for a quick practice. Both the kids noted the bikes were much easier to ride, and shift, than they expected.

With cyclocross season over, we are looking for many adventures this winter on our new fat bikes!

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