Check out my latest un-boxing of the new Foil 10 Disc.

Aero disc road bikes are coming on strong and Scott is leading the way with cutting edge designs. The newly released Scott Foil Disc is being listed by many publications as one of the hottest road bikes for 2018 (Bike Radar’s Ben Delaney called it “darn close to a dream bike.”). It is also the fastest road bike tested by BikeRadar so far. In January 2018 it won a Design & Innovation Award as one of the best products of 2018.

With relaxed frame shape rules by the UCI (which don’t really affect you or me) Scott engineers were able to redesign the fork to include small farings and a flush thru-axle skewer. As a result Scott was able to negate the small aerodynamic loss from disc brakes over a standard caliper road bike.

The regular Foil already has won the rough Paris Roubaix race, but the inclusion of disc brakes on the Foil now allows for 30mm tire clearance. The 2018 bikes come stock with forward thinking 28mm wide tires. Surprised? It turns out 28mm tires actually roll with less resistance than 23 or 25mm making them the fastest tire size tested by many brands. Furthermore the 28mm size can be ridden at 80 psi or lower and giving a cushy ride on a speed demon bike, and the ample clearance allows the Foil Disc to tackle even some gravel events.

This bike will sell out quickly and very limited quantities are still available to reserve with delivery in late winter to early spring. The Foil Disc will be available in Ultegra mechanical, Ultegra Di2 electronic, and Dura-Ace Di2 versions. STBG now has a 58cm Ultegra Di2 in stock, with 56cm and 58cm Ultegra mechanical bikes arriving in March.

Call to reserve yours and get $300 worth of special bonuses like pedals, tires, computers, and more.