Tour of SufferlandriaRunning from the 24th of January to the 1st of February 2015, The 3rd Annual Tour of Sufferlandria will take riders through the most painful, miserable and agonising regions of Sufferlandria, while benefiting the Davis Phinney Foundation.

A ‘stage race,’ each day riders mount their indoor trainers to ride the video(s) specified Tour of Sufferlandria stage.

Registration for the Tour of Sufferlandria is not required, but for a chance at amazing prizes, you need to donate at least $10 USD to the Davis Phinney Foundation. For every $10 USD you donate, you earn one chance in our prize pool (so if you donate, say, $100, you earn 10 chances in our prize pool). Click here to make a donation.

Ride the Tour Sufferlandria at the Velo Studio
Through our regularly schedule classes local riders can sign up to share in the pain of three stages of the Tour at the Velo Studio. Space is limited – reserve your spot today. (Tour registration is NOT required for class participation. Just think of it as added incentive!)

Saturday, January 24th – Saturday Sufferfest
Stage 1 – Elements of Style* + The Long Scream
Duration: 1hr 10mins
Grunter von Agony wants a classy peloton this year, so Elements of Style sets riders up with the form, efficiency and style critical to 9 days in the saddle. And then The Long Scream rips it to pieces with a 30 minute time trial through the Sufferlandrian flatlands.

Wednesday, January 28th – Lunch Bunch
Stage 5 – Angels

Duration: 1hr
Out of the Valley of Nine Hammers, the ToS route heads upwards for our first mountain stage. Three staggeringly difficult climbs fill out the 2nd half of the stage, with a brutally steep finish. Riders who make it this far…well, still have a long way to go, really.

Saturday, January 31st – Saturday Sufferfest
Stage 8 – Revolver + Violator + Half is Easy (Dame Alissa Memorial Stage)

Duration: 2hrs 25mins
Our youngest Knight of Sufferlandria, Dame Alissa Schubert, was killed earlier this year when she was hit by a truck while out cycling. Revolver was her favourite video. We dedicate this stage, the hardest stage ever to feature in the ToS, in her memory. We also dedicate it to her parents who also became Knights of Sufferlandria with Alissa. A true Sufferlandrian’s stage. Crush it.